The Paid Appointments Strategy: How to Get Paid For Your Time While Building Goodwill In Your Market

January 24

Bonus Material:Free Paid Appointments Strategy Swipe File

This strategy is not ideal for all businesses.

It is designed for legitimate business who want consistent appointments with ideal customers and clients.

In fact, it’s the exact strategy I use to generate over 20 paid appointments per week...on-demand...whenever I want clients and sales.

If you want 20-50 paid appointments every week, then THIS is the strategy to do it. 

Grab my Paid Appointments Appointments Strategy File below to see examples from the strategy.

Then read on to create your own appointments system and grow your clients from a build and forget system. 

If you're just starting to get things going with your business or need an injection of new clients and customers, or running an agency with here and there client leads trickling in, then I you may want to read this first.

UPDATE: The Unlimited Appointments System Is Now Live

Unlimited Appointments: The Paid Appointments Strategy 

Reasons to charge up front for appointments:

  • You'll get more committed prospects.
  • Higher value customers regularly invest in coaching/expert time.
  • Ensures people show up for calls.
  • Elevates your perceive values...which can translate into high take rates on high end offers.

Below is what my initial paid appointments looked like. You can see the monthly consulting fees that followed a high percentage of the paid appointments. 

It then turned into consulting fees AND royalty payments on higher end accounts. 

And once you get the snow ball rolling, you get emails from clients out of the blue like this. 

I'm not bragging here, but the proof is in the pudding. 

It's one thing to teach a tactic, it's quite another to actually use what you teach. 

But a warning, this is not a claim you will get these results. You have to be great at what you do and work hard to get and maintain a solid reputation. If I were crap at what I do...NO ONE would email me asking for another $5K intensive day.

Fact is, I don't know you nor your business.

You're reading info on a blog on the internet. Do your due diligence. ALL business entails risk. If you're not willing to accept that, then please hit the back button and read no further.

One sec. 

One sec more.

Are we all clear now?

Ok, now that that riffraff, crypto bros, and scammer 3,000 dudes are gone....let's get into the meat of this thing. 

Because the reality is, if you have a skill or service people WANT....this can be a game changer for you. It takes work and tweaking....but once dialed in this thing can be a juggernaut lead generator.

But I digress.....let's get into the meat and potatoes of this thing.

What We Need to Build Our Paid Appointments System

  • A Merchant Account - I recommend Authorizet.NET
  • Scheduling Software - Calendly or ScheduleOnce
  • Google Calendar
  • "How It/We Work" Video
  • An ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit email service provider account.
  • 2-4 Hour of Implementation Time

I block out Tuesday for my client ad account work. Fix your settings with your own calendar rules.

It's important to incorporate focus time into your calendar for the non-client based time blocks. 

I do research and implementation in my chosen focus blocks. Done correctly, your sessions will naturally fill in the open slots. 

WARNING: If you do not block time out, you'll burn out fast when your calendar is end to end. It gets stressful and you want to have time for client breakthroughs and other time "spillage". 

Also, I recommend setting a 24 hour buffer for booking calls.

Web Pages

There are only three pages we'll need to start out with.

  1. The How We Work Video page
  2. Your Book a Call Page
  3. Thank You Page

Filling Your Appointment System

The fuel for this system is value.
Start with one LinkedIn Group or one Facebook Group. 
Be very selective in which single group you chose. Of course you can change groups if you pick a dud, but taking the time to pick a quality group can save you lost time take half a day or so to research groups where your customer is hanging out. 

In the below example, my target market was joining the Nothing Held Back facebook group in droves. 

All I had to do was join, drop some value, and let the clients come to me. 

It really is that simple. 

The screenshot below is a well thought out post I put in the group dropping pure value with no link to anything (that's important). 

Don't get spammy. Drop value and the right people will come to you. If they don't, revisit your content and make sure it's insanely valuable....your very best stuff. 

The Social Snowball

The social snowball is pretty simple. 

Step 1; Drop insane value

Step 2: Engage commenters and roll deeper into the value. Give MORE value in the messenger. 

Step 3: The RIGHT clients and customers will ask for your help outside of messenger, i.e Zoom, Phone, etc. 

Step 4: DO 30-40 FREE CONSULTS (Correct, we're not charging anyone yet.)

Step 5: Give everything you've got on the call. 

Step 6: Say this to your new best friend who's budding with all the epic goodness of your concluded chat. "Hey, so I'm doing these consults for free right now while I build up more social authority. Would you do me a favor? Would you mind giving me a shout out in the group? This will help other who need my services know there's a trusted XYZ expert in this group who actually care....but ONLY do this if you feel what I've shared today with you is valuable."

Out of the 30-40 calls you should get 12-15 glowing posts in the group from other members. 

This became so effective in ONE Facebook group a member made the comment "this group is beginning to feel like one big ad for Patrick". LOL

Funny enough, he later booked with me at my $650 per call rate and was blown away by the value. (Again, gotta be great at what you do). 

And that's the social snowball. 

Now go implement! 

And after you do, send me an email letting me know how you did. I love hearing from clients and customers.  

Email me at patrick [ at ] (yes, this is my real email address). 

To your success,
Patrick Kenney

Need help implementing a paid appointments plan?

Instead of paying me $650 per call to repeat what I've said to hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and agency can grab The Unlimited Appointments System for about $9 bucks for a limited time. 

It's a bunch of cool over the shoulder videos that show you how to run ads to get appointments (a cool amplifier to the paid appointments bit I just went through). 


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